Short Biography:
George M. Peacock grew up in Orangeville, Utah.  He has sought answers to scriptural questions throughout his life, beginning with his service as a full-time missionary to Independence, Missouri.  His area of labor later included much of the "Bible Belt."
After his mission he earned a bachelors’s degree in secondary education and a master’s degree in religious education, both from Brigham Young University.  He began teaching in the Seminaries and Institute system in 1964, retiring in 2000.  In addition to teaching seminary and institute classes, he fulfilled assignments in both administration and teacher improvement.
George married Arlene Christensen of Meridian, Idaho, in 1963.  They are the parents of five married children who reside near their parents in St. George, Utah.

Unlocking the Idioms is for anyone who asks themselves questions while reading scriptures.  Questions like; “What does that mean?”  “Why does it say that?”  “That seems out of place or not quite right - why?”
Teaching seminary and institute for nearly forty years provoked many questions in the teacher’s mind as well being asked questions by his students.  Some questions go unanswered, however, there are many questions that can and should be pursued with research and scripture study skills. 
This book is the culmination of years of trying to settle the questions that result from studying, not just the Bible, but modern revelation.   Patterns emerge, definitions reveal, context lends understanding, and scriptural texts become more meaningful.  Testimony increases and troublesome verses turn into points of power and edification.  The Lord Himself indicated that figurative language was “speaking after the manner of the Lord” (D&C 64:24).
This book is designed as a tool to the scripture reader.  Some find the figurative language used in the scriptures daunting.  This book was written to share skills and insights so that all who read it will find themselves saying, “Oh, that’s why it says that,” or “Now I love that verse.”  Understanding those sayings, phrases and words, will be unlocking the idioms. 
The book is 275 total pages and is doctrinal in form and nature.
The expected primary audience is LDS

My first book was entitled Unlocking the Numbers published by CFI in 2005

I am not aware of any other book written or dedicated solely to numbers in the scriptures.  There are such publications outside the Restored Church regarding the Bible.  But the Book of Mormon and the revelations of modern times contain similar language and form.  They only differ in that they have not been subjected to the translation processes of the biblical texts.  I would hope it would be especially of interest and useful to teachers, but to all scripture readers as well.
I wrote the book so that others would not have to build the foundation themselves for information such as the book contains.  Hopefully, they can build upon what I have included for there is much more to be discovered.  I appreciate so much those from whom I have gleaned and learned.  They are far too numerous to mention.  But this compilation is offered in the same spirit with which teachers are endowed.  Teachers initiate questions and then assist learners in discovering for themselves.